In public relations our policy is simply stated and supported by seven decades of excellence in Southern California. MJ Baxter Drilling focuses on communication and education to address the concerns of those living or working near a blasting project. Home owner forums prior to commencing with a job is organized by MJ Baxter Drilling in an effort to meet the community and answer any questions or concerns about the blasting procedures. These informative meetings are important in giving the homeowners and business owners an opportunity to meet our team and ease any concerns they may have by informing them of what to expect and to convey the excellent reputation MJ Baxter has earned for expertise and longevity in the blasting industry.

For 70+ years, MJ Baxter has continued to serve the community, not only by the excellent service to our customers, but by our commitment to our employees and our involvement in community events. Our support extends to the local churches, youth organizations, family and children non-profit organizations, military family support groups and the East County Pregnancy Care Clinic, which helps young mothers and fathers to choose life for their child as an option to abortion.