MJ Baxter Drilling Company is proud to be an official distributer of DEXPAN®

Dexpan® Non-Explosive Demolition Agent is a powder with amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with common water. Poured into the same holes where explosive are traditionally placed in, Dexpan® breaks reinforced concrete and rock safely, while providing SILENT cracking.

As an alternative to explosives controlled blasting, traditional demolition tools and quarry mining equipment, Dexpan® non explosive demolition agent works without the worries of noise, implosions, air blasts, ground vibration, flying rock or dust.

Dexpan® does not require blasting permits, blasting certifications, hiring a blaster, high secured storage, special shipping, maintenance and / or insurance.

Dexpan® Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent is safer, easier and more cost effective.

In Mining and Stone Quarrying industry, Dexpan® helps quarry owners or blasters quarry perfect slabs and blocks from limestone, onyx, marble, granite, sandstone, flagstone or many other types of natural stone quarries they are working with.

Dexpan® Non-Explosive controlled Demolition Agent can also be applied along with traditional demolition tools like jackhammers, demolition hammer breakers, demolition wrecking balls, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shears, diamond blade concrete saws, diamond wire sawing machines, quarry diamond blade stone cutter and chain saw stone cutters to help cut cost, work time and increase safety, Plus because it works as silent demolition, Dexpan® is perfect for demolition contractors, drilling and blasting contractors who work in residential, schools, hospitals, airports, and other noise, ground vibration, air blast, dust restricted areas. Dexpan is capable of demolishing multi-ton weight reinforced concrete structures and rock.

Compared to explosive blasting and detonating cord, Dexpan® non-explosive demolition agent avoids waste of valuable stone, high cost of blasting insurance, storage and labor. Not to mention increased safety and stone production.

Depending on rock / concrete temperature, there are 3 types of Dexpan®: Dexpan® I – (usable temperature of F° 77 ~ 104 or C° 25 ~ 40)
Dexpan® II – (usable temperature of F° 50 ~ 77 or C° 10 ~ 25)
Dexpan® III – (usable temperature of F° 23 ~ 50 or C° -5 ~ 10)

Dexpan is available at MJ Baxter Drilling in:
44 lb (20 kg.) box (includes four 11 lb bags)