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Baxter Blasting Company began with the dedication and determination of a young man named M.J. Baxter. M.J., affectionately known to his friends and family, as Mickey, was working in the mining industry in Colorado when destiny brought him to California in 1942. Seeing the need for this growing industry in the San Diego area, Mickey started MJ Baxter Construction Company in 1946 and began working on pipelines, roads, tunneling and quarry projects. At that time, Mickey expanded the business to include drilling and blasting and formed the corporation now known as MJ Baxter Drilling Company. Mickey and his son, Mike worked diligently to provide excellent customer service and quality work... Learn More


ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF BREAKING ROCK. MJ Baxter Drilling specializes in non-explosive techniques such as mechanized hydro-fracturing and safe expansive chemical agents. An alternative to blasting that works without noise, vibrations and dust by providing silent expansive cracking.

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Every rock job has its own unique challenges such as rock strength, depths of cut and environmental factors. Each of these challenges affect the type of drilling equipment that will get the job ...

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